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Have you ever had an idea for a rap, song or poem, but were coming up short where the rhymes were concerned? Rhyme Machine is a new online rhyming dictionary, or rather 'rhyming thesaurus'. So what happens when you combine a rhyme app with a thesaurus app? Rhyme Machine! :P

Usually, to find a rhyme, or set of rhymes, I have to cycle through the alphabet in my head, placing each letter as the new first letter of whatever word I want to rhyme with. Just like a loop in a computer program. When I hit upon a relevant or interesting word, I write it down. Also there are dictionaries and apps for that. You may have heard the Wordpress mantra 'Code is Poetry'. Rhyme Machine is proof that the inverse is also true, not only in the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) sense, but also in the NLP (Natural Language Processing) sense :P This thing can kickstart avalanches of creativity, it's a little bit scary.

And it is sinfully simple: User enters keywords. App finds the synonyms, finds the related words of each of them which rhyme with any of them. App prints rhyming sets to the screen in groups. That's it. But that's all that is needed for it to be a super useful rhyming app.

Rhyme Machine is designed to take you off the beaten path of the mind's worn neural pathways, offering glimpses into kaleidescopic worlds of possibility. Rhyme Machine can be used as a tool to assist and augment creativity and to fulfill unfinished lyric dreams by illuminating possibilities within the confines of the meaning of the keywords you give it. It is for brainstorming, kickstarting, getting inspired, and finding grooves and rhythms too. I might further develop ui tools for rhythm / groove / mitre, e.g. drag and drop, let me know what you think.

Rhyme machine is built on Datamuse and is free to use. Any poems, lyrics, raps, etc. that you create with it are yours in infinite bliss forever. Your feedback is welcome, thanks.

Happy Rhyming,


Tip: Try these useful rhyme patterns from Nicholas Tozier: ABAB, XAXA, AABB, AAAA, AXAA, ABBA, AXXA




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